Children’s bodies, torturing animals: “Reddit completely lost the compass”

Reddit has rarely been proactive in terms of banning toxic content on its platform.

The administrators of this site for years have defended themselves saying that Reddit “supports freedom of speech and rarely makes exceptions,” “advocate for freedom of speech,” and to endeavor to “support the ideal of freedom of speech” as much as possible.

However, what the site has distracted from the mind is that freedom of speech is not absolute and that there is also hate speech.

Due to the high pressure of media and individual users, Reddit has begun to remove communities such as / r / FatPeopleHate, / r / jailbait, / r / picsofdeadkids and, most recently – / r / DeepFakes.

However, Reddit is still extremely slow in terms of removing toxic content from the site. For example, while services like Pornhub and GfyCata have removed DeepFakes images within a few days,

One user, Reddit, asked Steve Huffman’s executive director on Monday whether the company would abolish the r / nomorals – a community in which photographs of baby and child corpses and animal abuses were placed.

Hafman replied that the company is aware of the existence of that sub-unit, which currently has nearly 19,000 subscribers.

“The original author of this sub-unit deleted all the content, but the group recently revived, which is why new applications are coming up,” he said.

Hafman said he would consider these applications, although a large number of users wonder why there is no need for any consideration when it is clear that communities like NoMoral should not be represented on one of the most popular sites in the world.

It is only a flurry across the first page of the group to understand that it is a mass of users who laugh at the burning people up to death, mutilated bodies of animals and humans …

“Publish whatever you want … just make sure it’s fun” , it says. “It’s twice as funny to read a funny title, and see the corresponding image that goes with it.”

Reddit announced in December that it would be more proactive when it comes to banning content that “glorifies” violence.

So far, communities such as “picsofdeadkids”, “DylannRoofInnocent”, “SexWithDogs”, “picsofcaninevaginas”, “horsecock”, “killthejews”, and “selfharmpics” have been abolished.

The NoMorals group was created in 2012, but it was not active until December,

NoMorals has a different tone of the controversial group / r / WatchPeopleDie, which has 319,000 followers and contains what its name itself says – footage of people who are missing. Unlike NoMorals, the community / r / WatchPeopleDie states that it is not aimed at mocking, but raising awareness of how “human life is actually fragile”.

Subreddit has been deleted in the meantime.