Robot on a new job: He used to work in the automotive industry, and now he is a DJ

Robot on a new job: He used to work in the automotive industry, and now he is a DJ
10:06 Prag, 28/12/2017

The Prague Club “Karlovy Lazne Music Club” hired a specially adapted robot, formerly “workers” of the factory in the automotive industry, as a DJ.

The robot is shaped like a giant hand with keys, and at his new workplace he shares the work of playing music with a human programmer, who has programmed it, and with which he has been changing for the past several weeks by mixing a counter every hour.

Robot DJ was created after the leadership of the discotheque caused the robotics company to do the job.

The DJ robot reported by the media around the world is equipped with a special software that helps him to select songs and is placed on the stage above the dance floor.

The robot selects CDs from the shelf and puts them on one of the three players placed in front of you. He is perfectly capable of mixing songs independently and it seems as if he sometimes relaxes and he starts to dance … As far as possible, since it’s a robot hand.

“People are excited because they have never seen anything similar in Europe, and I’m not sure that there is anything like that anywhere in the world,” said club manager Adam Lipsanski.

It was interesting to see the reactions of the club’s visitors to the new “worker” and the star among the staff.

Some visitors said they enjoyed an exotic robot DJ performance while others were not overly inclined.

Marcia Lopez, a 24-year-old Mexican tourist, admitted she did not like the robot.

“He can not feel what people want to dance. There are no emotions behind this music, “she added.