Try to solve 5 tasks that require all of your logic and intelligence

Everyone likes to solve the riddles, crosswords, puzzles. They affect the development of your brain and keep it in good shape until the age.

The Bright Side website offers 6 logical tasks, some of which will be resolved in a few seconds, while others will require a little more time and effort. Are you ready for the challenge?
The answers are waiting for you at the end.

The puzzle of fake coins – you have 3 gold coins, one of them is fake. The false coin is less weight than the other two. How do you determine which coin is fake?

Chef Challenge – In order to win the culinary competition, the chef needs to flush six steaks in 16 minutes using only one tiganj. Only 4 hooks can stand in the sink. How will a chef do it?

Chickens and Eggs – Grandma had 3 hens that took 3 eggs in 3 days. One day Grandma decided that she needed more eggs, so she bought 12 more hens. How old will the egg have in 15 days?

Knights and Princess – Once upon a time, the king wanted to find a husband for his daughter, so he organized a knightly tournament. Candidates had to face a lot of challenges, only two men remained at the end. To decide who would marry his daughter, the king ordered the knights to take their horses to the lake. The one whose horse arrives last, he gets the princess. Knights on their horses went slowly to the lake, it took them a week, because none of them wanted to be the first. When they got out of the horse, the princess came and whispered something. The knights rejoined again, but this time they compete who will first reach the lake. What did the princess tell them?

Troy doors – A boy in the woods found an abandoned cabin. He decided to come in. After entering the door they closed, the place was very dark. The boy found a light switch, but there was no electricity. A voice said that he could exit the cab, but he must choose one of the three doors. Behind the first door there were a thousand poisonous snakes. Behind the other electric chair and the executioner, and behind the third lion hungry. How will the boy get out?

1. Put one coin on both sides, if both have the same weight, the third is fake.

2. Place 4 hooks in a bowl and fry for 5 minutes. After that, turn two, and remove the other two half-assed outwards and replace them with two not crosswise, and fry them for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, remove the two that you have already turned, insert two already seminated and fry for 5 minutes.

3. If you thought the answer was 15, you were mistaken. If 3 hens take 3 eggs in 3 days, this means that the hen gives 1 egg each day, which means that he will take 5 eggs in 15 days, 15 hens will take 75 eggs.

4. The princess whispered to replace horses.

5. The boy should choose the door behind which the electric chair is. There is no electricity in the cabin, so the executioner will not be able to do anything.