About Money: By the age of thirties you should stop thinking this

You will always make mistakes when it comes to money, but by the age of 30 you should have solved most of the ruthless habits about spending money that you acquired in your twenties.

While most of us know what is needed for success, we are screaming about the constant lies about the state of our finances. And, we do not want those lies to stop us from progressing and achieving financial well-being. It is therefore necessary to get rid of these five habits until the age of thirty.

As long as the salary is good it’s okay to hate my job
The labor market may not be what it was, but by the age of thirty, no one should remain in a job that creates stress and causes dissatisfaction with life. Sometimes you just have to say “no” and gather courage to quit.

We were inspired by a young woman who wrote about her experience. Namely, she left a good job at Wall Street with a fourteen-hour working time that physically and mentally exacerbated her.

“I’ve been on a new job for several months, and my life is already richer. I breathe enough, I smile, I eat more healthier and I am more positive about the future, “she wrote.

“I make about 30 percent less in this business, but I do not see it as a victim.”

If I do not think about it, my finances will be settled.
One of the worst things you can do in your early twenties is to ignore financial problems when they appear.

Check your bank account, regardless of how scared you are the figures that could give you a headache. If you’re broke, you should have an insight into how long this situation will last and make a plan because only such things are solved.

I’ll marry myself because I need it
Standing on crazy stones until the thirties has now become a trend, but there are still few people who can really afford to pay an average Serbian wedding.

Why would you go into something that should last a lifetime with something that will only cause stress and quarrels about how you will repay debts? If you are truly in love and think that you have found the right partner, you will be together and at a time when you will both be able to “finance the expenses of the wedding financially.”

“Impulsivity is generally typical for younger people, whether it’s an impulsive decision to buy cars, go on vacation, or even marry someone with the wrong person,” says financial planner Michael Egan. “That’s very important. You must be sure of your supporter, that you will truly spend life with them and that they have the same view of money as you. “Therefore, it is important to talk about finances before marriage.

If they grant me credit, that means I can get it back
Perhaps the time will come when your credit limit will double or even quake, especially if you have been repaying your credit for several years.

If your credit limit is increased, you probably earned it, but do not bite more than you can cheat and be careful. No matter what your credit limit is, it does not necessarily mean that you can use it. It is important to know your own boundaries. Do not let someone else tell you how much you need.

I did not succeed because I earn less than my peers.
There is something called “healthy competition”, but the everyday feeling that you have to outdo your peers in the path to business success is a guide to an unhappy life.

Next, run from the “acrea of ​​lifestyle”. Katie Bruer, a financial planner for Business Insider, says: “It’s sometimes difficult when in the thirties and forties you start seeing all your friends buying more beautiful homes, apartments, cars and everything you can wonder why you are not in their place.”

Do yourself a favor and focus on your own path, not on the lives of your friends.