How a powerful PR manager rescued Woody Allen’s image for years

Numerous actors have announced they will no longer cooperate with famous director Woody Allen on charges of sexually abusing his adopted daughter, Dilan Farou. The website “Buro247” writes about how was it possible that Alen had been so impatient for the controversy that had followed him through life for so long?

Although Alen’s daughter accused the director of sexual abuse many years ago, her accusations did not “bear fruit”. Now that everything is in the #MeToo movement and the fight against people who exploit their power, like Harvey Weinstein, her charges are finally heard. Numerous actors said they no longer want to co-operate with the director, and A Rainy Day in New York declined their fees for humanitarian purposes.

What is especially interesting is the fact that Vudi Alen stayed at the “top” for such a long time. In addition to abuse, Alan has publicly revealed a number of moral issues – such as marrying his adopted daughter, Sun-Ji Previn. If anyone else was concerned, he would be “rocked” in public, and Alena circumvented this lynch … Why and how?

The success of the public image of Woody Allen rests on the incredible commitment of his PR manager Leslie Dart, who is considered one of the most dangerous players in the world of sublimation. A few years ago, “The Hollywood Reporter” published a large article in which he analyzed the moves Dart’s rules have. Specifically, she spinned, threatened, canceled interviews and forbade access to undesirable journalists. Thanks to the prowess and fearlessness she showed in ten years of work, Alen was a PR impenetrable fortress, as well as with her other clients like Martin Skorceze, Koen Brothers, Nicole Kidman, Frances Ford Cople, and others.

In 2014, when the New York Times released the first testimony of Dylan Farrow, the “The Wrap” portal revealed that Dart had sent four e-mail in less than three hours, including links that contained different versions of the story Dilan Farou tried to prove that the story is not true. Dart went a step further and hired a group of lawyers and private detectives to investigate police investigators who were conducting an investigation against a known director and in that way collected the information needed to build a media image and distribute information.
Dirty jobs and relationships have managed to preserve the image of Woody Allen all these years and to keep his career alive, placing stories and controlling the media so as to best suit the reputation of her client. Dart simply had what contains the greatest power in today’s world, and that’s information.

The entire concept of the functioning of manipulation Leslie Dart was revealed by the son of Woody Allen – Ronan Farrow. He pointed out that “truths” would never come to light. It is more important for journalists to have those versions of the story that will give everyone more benefits – exclusives and contacts – than to publish what is true. Dilan Farou gave an interview last week to her accusation at her father’s account and led an avalanche that Dart Vipe can not stop. No one in the word believes Alen anymore, and the question arises – and why would they?