Characteristics of emotionally intelligent people

When the notion of emotional intelligence first appeared, it served as a clue in an unusual discovery: people with average IQ achieve more than those with high, by as much as 70 percent. This “anomaly” confused many who always assumed that it was the only source of success for IQ. Decades of research now indicate that emotional intelligence is a key factor that separates exceptional workers from the “rest of the pack”.

How Much Influence Does Emotional Intelligence Have on Our Professional Success? The short answer is – a lot! It’s a powerful way to steer your energy in one direction with great results. Of all people who work at a brilliant job, 90 percent of them have a high EQ (coefficient of emotional intelligence).

Emotional intelligence is “something” in all of us that we can not touch. It influences how we control our behavior, we deal with interpersonal relationships and make decisions that will achieve positive results.

What is the difference between people with emotional intelligence and others?

They are surprisingly positive. If you keep track of the news for a while, you will see a continuous cycle of accidents, wars, failed companies and environmental crises. It’s easy to think that the world is collapsing. And who knows, maybe it is so? Who will know him. However, emotionally intelligent people do not care about it because they do not allow them to worry about things they can not control. They direct their energy into two things that are under their jurisdiction: their attention and effort.

They have an extremely large emotional vocabulary. All people have emotions, but only a few can precisely identify them when they appear. Some studies show that only 36% of people can do this, which is a problem because unidentified emotions are often misinterpreted. All this leads to irrational choices and counterproductive actions. People with high emotional intelligence master their emotions because they understand them.

They have confidence. People with high emotional intelligence coefficients have good manners, empathy and goodness along with the ability to put themselves in the right place and set boundaries. This combination is good for conflict resolution.

They forgive, but they do not forget. Emotional intelligent people live with the motto “Tie me once and your shame, deceive me twice and my shame”. They forgive them not to cultivate bad feelings, but they never forget.

They will not let anyone shut their luck. They will not allow anyone to shake their happiness. When emotionally intelligent people feel happy they do not allow anyone to take it away. That’s why they do not pay attention to someone else’s opinion and they take everything with reserve.