3 indicators that you are in a bad relationship

One of the hardest things to be confessed (to yourself and others) is to make the relationship, which started great and promises so much, turned into something bad. When we start a relationship, the world is “pink” and we ignore the faults of our partners. That is why family and friends are better in predicting the future of our relationship than we are ourselves.

Here are three indicators that could indicate that the connection will end soon. About this is written Kelly Campbell, professor of psychology at the faculty, and author of the site “Psychology Today”.

1. You do not have personal freedom

The connection point is not controlled by your partner. A healthy relationship means freedom and respect for others’ decisions. Each person is unique and the best connections are those in which partners feel fulfilled.
If a partner controls how you spend your money, who you socialize, how you dress, or any decision, let it be a big warning. People who control their partners are uncertain about their abilities. They fear that their partners will leave them for someone else if they have freedom.
Secure partners have confidence, they know that if a partner leaves them for someone, that’s because the connection has not even been tried.
This is difficult to accept at first, but in the end, it is far better to understand reality earlier than later.

2. Rule 80/20

There is a 80/20 rule that says couples in communication should show 80% of the positive interaction. The point is to focus on positive interactions, work to make the connection as good as possible, and leave the rest aside. If you keep thinking about the negative things in the relationship, it’s not the healthiest thing for you, nor for your relationship. It’s a good relationship. It’s not the wisest strategy to wait for things to change.

3. You want to be alone at home

You are in a bad relationship when you find yourself often wanting a partner to be around you. You begin to realize that life would be easier and happier without him or her. When you are near each other, things get tense, quarrels often arise, and you’re not happy.
Do not stay in that relationship, because you think you will not find anyone better. Being alone is much better! It takes courage to acknowledge that the relationship has turned into something bad, but you will be surprised how strong and happy you can be – alone.

Life is too short to spend time on someone who is not good for you. Your overall health is associated with your partner; when the connection is great, you feel great! But when something is wrong about something, then it’s reflected on you too. Every link has difficult moments, but if the partner does not work around you, it’s time to go on.