USEFUL: Content that you make without even knowing it (and how to use it at work)

We often mean that we know something that we know well and others already know. But it is not so. You have invested time, effort and energy in some area of ​​knowledge, and if you care, you can share it with others.

Thea Joselow is Director of Digital Communications, author and editor at Nutgraf LLC. In the text, whose parts we transmit, she writes about the contents we make and that we are not even aware of:

“A couple of bosses back, one of my bosses took me to a fancy lunch to talk so I could contribute to the team. “You know some things you do not even know you know. We need to talk about these things, “he said through grilled salmon and some pilafs.

Sorry if I’m direct, but now you are all writers, whether you want it or not. With all these Tweets and Feeds, we manage our thoughtful boats through the sea of ​​increasing impact and reputation. We show our expertise, we establish links.

But, what if you do not know what to share with others? You know things that you do not even know you know, and for that, there is an audience. See first what it is you are doing, and do it well. As your experience grows, so will your content gain in importance. Writing is like exercising your muscles, and you become stronger as you use them more and more. And the more you read, your skills will be better, and the content will be worth sharing.

Here are some examples from which you can start:

Public speaking and conferences. Do you talk to a lot of people? Is that good for you? Do you participate in panels, conferences, seminars …? Do you go to such meetings? You can share with the audience how it looks at these conferences, who are the speakers, what are the main conclusions? You can share your experiences – how to talk to many people, and what are your tips for successful public speaking.

Tips. Show us what you already know, and we have no idea about it. If you are an expert in gardening, tell us how to grab flowers. If you’re doing a good job of making jams, share a trick. If you are good at selling, give some useful example. So the community is about a topic.

Important events. Track events – concerts, films, conferences, or any other important events related to the area you are dealing with? What interests you, does not mean that others have seen and heard. Share it with them. The General Council is – keep away from politics.

“Sharing is caring” is a common wing. When you share important content, this means you care. In other words, help by sharing some content, news, or application.

Whenever possible, place an image or an infographic. People react to visions. Always respond to comments, and keep track of what companies or people with similar interests do, and collect ideas from them.