With these 3 methods you will no longer care about “what others think”

Often due to fear or insecurity, “what others will say or think of me”, people make the wrong decisions or do not bring them at all. Depending on someone else’s opinion, it means living the way others think they need.

There are many steps you can take to become confident, shape your opinions and develop your own style. Try not to think about how others are watching or evaluating each step. Form your opinion on the facts and evidence. Make decisions based on your values ​​instead of jeopardizing your beliefs about what others think. When it comes to style, remember that taste is subjective, so no one has the last word.

Make sure
Accept yourself in every aspect, just as it is. Do not try to change just to meet others.

Make a list of all the things you love about yourself that you want to improve. Accept things you can not change. For example, you might want to be tall, but that’s not something you can change. Instead, focus on positive things.

Instead of thinking about failure and embarrassment, try to imagine how everything will be fine. Do not worry too much about what others will say if you say or do something wrong. Everyone is wrong. If you come to do something wrong, focus on the good things you did. When talking to people, try to listen to others, keep eye contact, nod your head to confirm that you are listening to the story. Do not think of other people’s thoughts and thoughts, focus on your own thoughts and build your mind. When you become aware of yourself and accept all the faults and virtues, then you will be sure of what you are saying, you work. You’ll be sure of yourself.

Forming your own opinion
When it comes to forming your own opinion about someone and something, try to get as much information as possible. So in order to be sure of your opinion, you have to control the information. Try based on the information you collect build your own thinking instead of instinctively agreeing with what others think.

Also, before embarking on thinking about other people’s opinions, evaluate how well someone is expert in the topic it is talking about. Assess the interlocutor before accepting his opinion. There are various reasons why people will talk about you or about anything else in different ways. Take a look at this from another perspective, whether there is some personal motive or that is what it is just saying. Make sure that other people’s opinions are corroborated by the information.

Do not pretend to love something, just to get others accepted. Be honest and open, whatever people think you are. After all, do they care about what you think? Keep in mind that it’s okay to disagree with people.

Discovering yourself and your own style
The first thing is to get in touch with people. Consider what are the similarities and differences between how you behave privately and when you are among many people. Ask yourself: “How do I represent foreigners, people I love and myself?”

Try to compile a list of features that characterize you, who you really are. Distribute features that are important to you, such as honesty, loyalty or humor.

Make decisions based on your own values. Make choices that are in line with your priorities instead of doing what other people think is cool. You do not have to defend yourself and your values ​​to other people. Present yourself in a way that makes you happy.