8 common features of intelligent people

Through Quore, more than a hundred people answered the question: “What are the common features of super-intelligent people?”
Some responded from personal experience while others were only speculating. Watch out for the eight most-used answers, of which you might find it smarter, if you find them, the Business Insider, and translated N1.

More intelligent people are more flexible

Several Quora users have said that more intelligent people are more flexible and resourceful in different situations. According to Done Hamet, more intelligent people are adapting themselves “showing what can be done regardless of the complications and obstacles posed before them.”
Recent psychological research confirms this idea, demonstrating that intelligence depends on the ability to change our behavior in order to adapt to the environment or even to make changes in the same environment.

They understand how much they do not know

Smarter people are able to admit when they are not familiar with certain things. Jim Wine writes that “more intelligent people are not afraid to say:” I do not know. “Everything that is not known can be learned.”
This is confirmed by the studies of Kruger and Daning, which say that people are less intelligent, the more they overestimate their abilities.

They have insatiable curiosity

As Anthin said: “I do not have special talents. I am just passionately curious. “Or as Keysurbur Alas would say:” More intelligent people allow themselves to become fascinated by things that others take for granted. ”
The 2016 research shows that there is a link between child intelligence and openness to new experiences that include intellectual curiosity in adulthood.

The mind is open

Smart people do not close with new ideas and possibilities, they are ready to accept other views and are open to alternative solutions. At the same time, smart people are cautious about what ideas will be adopted.
“The intelligent mind has a strong aversion to accepting things for granted, and therefore keeps its faith until the new idea is presented with sufficient evidence,” Alas says.

They like to be alone

Richard says that they are highly intelligent people and individualists. Interestingly, recent research shows that these people show less satisfaction than most people who socialize with their friends.

They have high self-control

Zoher says that smarter people are more capable of overcoming anger by planning, setting goals, exploring alternative solutions, and thinking about the consequences before they start. ”
Also, scientists show the connection between self-control and intelligence.
In a 2009 study, participants could choose between two cash prizes: Less payouts immediately or higher after a certain amount of time. Those who chose a deferred payment were later passed on to the intelligence test.
Researchers have said that a part of the brain – the front prefrontal cortex – can play a role in helping people solve difficult problems and show self-control while working on the goals.

They have a better sense of humor

Advita Bihani has concluded that more intelligent people have a great sense of humor. And the experts agree. Thus, one study showed that professional comedians had more points on the verbal intelligence test.

They are sensitive to others’ experiences, they have empathy

“Smarter people can almost feel what someone else thinks and feels,” he says. Some psychologists argue this thesis by saying that being empathetic, being attached to the needs and feelings of others and behaving according to these feelings, shows greater emotional intelligence.
These people are more interested in a story with unknown people and they like to learn more about them.